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Come Fly With Us!

Paraflight / Parasailing

Come and fly with us!
This is a 'must do' activity when visiting Agia Marina, Chania. It's safe, easy and the most exciting water sport available. No experience is needed, anyone can do it. You just sit back and enjoy the flight.
From this height you have panoramic views of the Island Thodorou, the coastline and the azure crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea from a 'Bird's Eye' view.
Our mission is simple: to give you the most thrilling and exhilarating flight of your life!

    Daily schedule

    Open all day

    Type Of Flights

  • 1 person: Single Flight
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Life jacket & belts are provided

  • 2 persons: Double Flight Tandem
    Duration: 10 minutes
    Life jackets & belts are provided

Boat Hire

Why not hire a small boat and take your family or friends for a private boat trip around the Island or in the nearby waters.

All boats have 25hp or 30hp engines, canopies for shade, comfortable seating, a cooler box for drinks, snorkelling equipment is included and life jackets are on board. A boat license is not needed.

    Rental Info

  • Minimum: 1 hour rental
  • Maximum: Full day
  • Identification is needed
  • 7 persons maximum in each boat
  • Fuel is charged extra
  • Simple instructions are given by a member of staff

Glass Bottom Boat Trips &

Snorkeling to Island Thodorou

Enjoy a relaxing 2 hour boat trip around the Island Thodorou nature reserve. This Island is rich in history and is home to the Kri Kri (Cretan wild goat).

Read more about the island..

Snorkelling equipment is available for adults and children, if they wish to use them. This is included in the price as well as a refreshment.

The boat sits 22 people.
Reservations can be made.

    Daily Schedule

  • 10.00-12.00
  • 12.00-14.00
  • 14.00-16.00
  • 16.30-18.30

SUP (Stand Up & Paddle)

This is one of our new activities which is increasingly popular and fashionable. An easy and relaxing way to glide over the sea, while keeping yourself fit as you are using all the muscles of the body.

A member of the team will teach you the basic technique for paddling and how to stand on the board.

    Equipment Provided

  • Boards
  • Paddles
  • Life jackets

Kayak (Canoeing)

Another new activity. This is a fantastic and relaxing way to enjoy the sea and the coastline and a great way to work out the upper body. Life jackets can be provided, if you wish.

    Kayak Type

  • Kayak for 1 person
  • Double Kayak for 2 persons
  • Triple Kayak for 3 persons

Morning Fishing Trips

Crete is a small paradise situated in the Mediterranean & Aegean Sea with crystal clear waters. It is the ideal location for sea fishing and where you can catch many different species of fish.

Our fishing trips are in the region of the Island Thodorou and the surrounding waters. We can insure you that you will have a pleasant and enjoyable time and you will be sure to appreciate the benefits from the peace and tranquillity of the open sea and the beautiful sunrise at this time of the morning.

You have the choice of having a driver to drive the boat for you or you can drive the boat by yourself.
The fish you catch, you keep!


  • Duration: 2+1/2 hours (6.30am - 9.00am)
  • Minimum 3 persons - Maximum 5 persons

    Equipment Provided

  • Fishing rods & bait
  • Life jackets

The Island Thodorou

Nature Reserve

Agia Marina, island Thodorou, Kri-kri island

The Island Thodorou is located opposite the beach of Agia Marina. The history of the Island and it's ecological importance is in preserving the protected wild species of Cretan wild goat (Kri Kri) therefore, this makes this small dot on the map very important.

The 8th June is the name day of the patron saint Agios Theodori, on this day, the villagers and the public can take part in the celebration which takes place at the little church on the Island. Apart from the Island there is a second islet next to Theodorou, at the back, called Glaraki (little seagull).

Legend has it that the Island was a monster and the cave was the monsters jaw. It was said that the monster emerged from the sea to swallow the Islanders. Thankfully, the gods intervened and terrified the monster leaving it as it is today.

Despite it's size, Island Thodorou is rich in history. During the Minoan period it was a sacred asylum. Much later in 1574 Venetians built a fortress to protect the surrounding area from any hostile invasion. Two fortresses where built within one year, one at the top and the other at the bottom. After many battles over the years the fortresses were blown up.
Today the fortresses are totally destroyed, only the church and a few remains are a reminder of the past.


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